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    TESTIMONIALS I want anyone reading this to know that if you are considering a life coach you need not look any further. Kathleen has the skills to help you get where you want to go. She is very intuitive, patient, loving and always has your best interest at heart. Love ya SiStar! Deliese Eros http://sexgoddessmentor.com…

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    You Can Recreate Yourself If life isn’t going the way you want it too, perhaps it’s time to Recreate Yourself. Kathleen empowers you to claim the life you are reaching for through her own unique coaching program based on loving respect. The outer world is always a refection of the inner world. What is thought…

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    Kathleen has a sound understanding of how the body, mind and spirit work in conjunction with one another to determine the well being of each of us. The body, the mind and the spirit are made of energy and energy can be redirected to its natural flow bringing the three parts into alignment with one…

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    Kathleen is the founder of the popular online magazine, The Magic Happens: Humanity Thriving Out Loud. The magazine works from the philosophy that human kind are not physical beings here to discover their spirituality but rather human kind are beings of spirit here to learn the joys of being physical and apply their spiritual nature…

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    Drawing from an eclectic collection of ancient and modern systems of wisdom, her own magical life experience and her observations from her own unique vantage point, Kathleen has pieced together a philosophy for modern life that works. Her philosophy is based on the combined ideas that 1. unconditional love of life, self and all beings, 2….

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    The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

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    Welcome to my day dream. Please allow me to first explain the name of this blog. KAM Digital Artist *K = Kathleen *A = Anne *M =McCarthy Easy enough! *Digital Artist* is a little more involved.

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  • Choosing Natural Over Unnatural – by Marie Pollnow September 17, 2017
    When I first think of natural I think of “nature from the earth, in the flow.”  I think of the natural order of things.  How things happen in the country.  How the birds fly, the trees grow, and the animals hunt for food.  If man would stop interfering with it the ecosystem would balance itself […]
    Marie Pollnow
  • Louise L. Hay The Eternal Light – by Annette Rochelle Aben September 1, 2017
    On August 30, 2017, Louise L. Hay made her transition from the physical world into spirit. To many, this will mean nothing, for some, this will take their breath away as they saw Louise a guru. For me, this is bittersweet news as I believe Louise Hay lived as there was no such thing as […]
    Annette Rochelle Aben
  • Lighten Up on Tomorrow – by Annette Rochelle Aben September 1, 2017
    Ever hear the expression: “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday?” Go ahead and giggle, I’ll wait. Okay then, the phrase points out the tail chasing circle our thoughts can create. Obviously, there is almost nothing more frustrating than wasting an entire day worrying about something that has yet to happen. So, I am […]
    Annette Rochelle Aben
  • Lighten Up in September – by Annette Rochelle Aben September 1, 2017
    Let’s see, 30 days hath September, right? Of course, and that means there are 30 days for you to embrace a wonderful opportunity.  Take each of the days of September and free yourself of something you no longer require. This could mean something physical such as clothing you no longer wear or jewelry that has […]
    Annette Rochelle Aben
  • Seeds of Strength – by Annette Rochelle Aben September 1, 2017
    Ever watch someone struggle with a decision? They aren’t sure how they’ll get through their ordeal or what choices to make, so it appears they are standing still. It looks, all the world, like they are in denial or are zoning out instead of taking appropriate action. Yet, I tell you, there is something magical […]
    Annette Rochelle Aben
  • Giving a hand when a friend gets seriously ill – by Andreas N. Bjørndal September 1, 2017
    You can listen to an audio version of this article, look further down. . You get the news and you sit there with disbelief; is it fatal. Is it serious? Can something be done or how can we make the miracle happen? What can I do? How can I help? From a holonistic perspective, we […]
    Andreas Bjørndal
  • Myths about Financial Planning – by Lynn Whetham September 1, 2017
    Four Myths About Financial Planning That May Be Blocking Your Success The truth is a cash flow strategy is one of the most liberating habits. Knowing what you can afford gives you onfidence and it’s really exciting when  1. Budgets are boring and restrict my freedom. The truth is a cash flow strategy is one […]
    Lynn Whetham
  • Hands and Health, a significant connection – by Rhea Dopmeijer September 1, 2017
    You can listen to an audio version of this article, look further down. . . Hands and Health combined in a topic to bring in some clarity about the significant connection between the both of them. We are holding so much energy in our hands, using this for comforting, soothing, calming, healing as well. You […]
    Rhea Dopmeijer
  • Dragon Wisdom ~ Sintorii – by Sara Jane September 1, 2017
     You can listen to an audio version of this article, look further down. Thank you for joining me, for listening to me, for being with me. Had it ever occurred to you to say Thank You to those that spend time with you,  A Message for Sintorii, the Dragon that guards over the Earth Crystal […]
    Sara Jane
  • Health is also about awareness – by Rhea Dopmeijer September 1, 2017
    You can listen to an audio version of this article, look further down. . You need to be aware . You need to be aware, In order to change the pattern. Connection is something to offer In a loving way and respect. You and I are not that different As you seem to believe at […]
    Rhea Dopmeijer



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