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    TESTIMONIALS I want anyone reading this to know that if you are considering a life coach you need not look any further. Kathleen has the skills to help you get where you want to go. She is very intuitive, patient, loving and always has your best interest at heart. Love ya SiStar! Deliese Eros http://sexgoddessmentor.com…

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    You Can Recreate Yourself If life isn’t going the way you want it too, perhaps it’s time to Recreate Yourself. Kathleen empowers you to claim the life you are reaching for through her own unique coaching program based on loving respect. The outer world is always a refection of the inner world. What is thought…

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    Kathleen has a sound understanding of how the body, mind and spirit work in conjunction with one another to determine the well being of each of us. The body, the mind and the spirit are made of energy and energy can be redirected to its natural flow bringing the three parts into alignment with one…

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    The Magic Happens

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    Kathleen is the founder of the popular online magazine, The Magic Happens: Humanity Thriving Out Loud. The magazine works from the philosophy that human kind are not physical beings here to discover their spirituality but rather human kind are beings of spirit here to learn the joys of being physical and apply their spiritual nature…

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    Drawing from an eclectic collection of ancient and modern systems of wisdom, her own magical life experience and her observations from her own unique vantage point, Kathleen has pieced together a philosophy for modern life that works. Her philosophy is based on the combined ideas that 1. unconditional love of life, self and all beings, 2….

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    The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

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    Welcome to my day dream. Please allow me to first explain the name of this blog. KAM Digital Artist *K = Kathleen *A = Anne *M =McCarthy Easy enough! *Digital Artist* is a little more involved.

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  • Weloitarrii ~ Dragon Wisdom By Sara Jane March 1, 2018
    You can listen to an audio version of this article, look further down.. . . The Dragon that Guards Over the Earth Crystal Garnet Via Sara Jane Relax, take a deep breath, let it out Relax Stop everything that you are doing, when you start to get stressed Just stop Stop, take a breath and […]
    Sara Jane
  • Exploring Your World Now – by David J. Little March 1, 2018
    What would it be like, to be given a choice from the Universe? How does change affect you? How are you open to exploring new possibilities? These are few questions that come up as a theme in my life and maybe in yours. I would like to explore the possibilities that change brings. Many people […]
    David Little
  • Loving Yourself One Sentence at a Time – by Mindy A. Early March 1, 2018
    You can listen to an audio version of this article, look further down. . . March may come in like a lion, but there’s no time like the present to start treating yourself as gently as a lamb. Making changes to the things we do can have a powerful impact on our lives, but we […]
    Mindy A. Early
  • March is National Music in Our Schools Month – by Annette Rochelle Aben March 1, 2018
    For as long as I can remember, music has played a significant role in my life. Not only were both my parents musically inclined but there was always some sort of music program in the schools I attended. This meant we were offered the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument or there was […]
    Annette Rochelle Aben
  • Explore Your Akashic Records, You Might Just Get A Cotton Candy Treat – by Debbra Lupien March 1, 2018
    You can listen to an audio version of this article, look further down. . . Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside the Akashic Records? In my experience, sometimes it looks like a library, but more often it runs the gamut of scenes from pastoral, to outer space, to cartoonish. Oddly, there’s often […]
  • Taking the bull by the horns – by Andreas N. Bjørndal March 1, 2018
    You can listen to an audio version of this article, look further down. . You can repeat your mistakes again and again or face them and change them. You can postpone again and again or take action. You can suppress again and again or express by opening the closed drawer, getting some fresh air or […]
    Andreas Bjørndal
  • Ohana Generational Healing – by Danielle Hughes March 1, 2018
    What if you could heal the trauma trapped in your DNA? Even science is beginning to show evidence of the fact that trauma’s experienced by our Ancestors. This trauma can be triggered through experiences, sights and smells. Have you ever had an intense fear over a situation that doesn’t make sense to your personal memories? […]
    Danielle Hughes
  • How You Treat Yourself is Mirrored in the Outside World – by Rhea Dopmeijer March 1, 2018
    You can listen to an audio version of this article, look further down. . . How you treat yourself is mirrored in the outside world I chose to have the body of an Angel and the face of a clown. Nobody could see through my exterior to see the inner beauty I held. Or they […]
    Rhea Dopmeijer
  • Akashic Alliance: “The Garden of Secrets” – by Sandra Gelinas March 1, 2018
    Standing at her window, staring at grey skies heavy with more rain and soggy grass covered in old dead leaves, the only color she sees is the gloomy dark green of the evergreen trees. She’s bored, seriously bored with heaps of restless on top! The long cold winter is slowly drawing to an end. Spring […]
    Sandra Gelinas
  • Explore the best way to treat yourself – by Andreas N. Bjørndal March 1, 2018
    You can listen to an audio version of this article, look further down. . . You might think treating yourself is complicated and something you have to leave to authorized professional people. Actually you, yourself, are your best healer! Let us explore how you best can treat yourself.   Nr 1 Exercise Working out makes you […]
    Andreas Bjørndal



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